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About Waters ERA

Laboratories partner with Waters ERA because, regardless of the internal QA or regulatory compliance challenges they face, we have the programs in place to validate and document the quality of the data they produce.

Founded in 1977, ERA has evolved to become the premier providers of Proficiency Testing (PT) products and Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) to thousands of laboratories around the world and across multiple industries. With the financial strength of our parent company, Waters Corporation, we continue to expand our capabilities and worldwide presence by now serving laboratories in more than 80 countries.

Our in-depth knowledge of major international accreditation and regulatory bodies enables us to expertly guide customers through the analytical challenges they face. Whether you are a commercial, research or government laboratory, small business or a multi-national corporation, you can count on Waters ERA’s experience, products and services to simplify compliance and ensure quality.

CIC-D150 Ion chromatograph

CIC-D150 Ion chromatograph

  • Auto-range

When D150 ion chromatograph is operated, it is easy to realize the simultaneous determination of 5ppb-100ppm concentration sample without setting the range, and the signal is displayed with digital signal μs/cm.


  • Gas liquid separator

The bubble in the eluent will increase the baseline noise and reduce the sensitivity. A micro gas-liquid separator is set in the pipeline between the infusion pump and the eluent bottle to separate the bubble in the eluent from the eluent.


  • Timing startup preheating

It usually takes about 1 hour for the ion chromatograph to balance the system from start-up to sample injection analysis. When the user has prepared the eluent (or pure water for the eluent), he can set the start-up running time of the instrument in advance (the maximum setting is 24 hours), complete the start-up operation and all parameter settings.


  • Intelligent maintenance

Set "intelligent maintenance", the instrument can complete the flow path switch to the pure water path, the flow rate is set to 0.5ml/min, running for 1 hour.


  • Mobile APP

Mobile app is easy to operate. APP monitoring: put the device in your pocket, no matter where you are, turn on your mobile phone to view and control the field device. The mobile app can remotely control the instrument on / off and observe the operation performance parameters of the instrument.


  • Intelligent large screen

The large screen displays the operation parameters and status of the instrument, which is convenient for the operator to check the equipment status on site, and to complete the operation of instrument on-off, instrument maintenance, etc

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